Stray Systems TB-1 Spare Tyre Bag


TB-1 Spare Tyre Bag is designed for storing items using your spare tyre.

Ideal for carrying lumpy firewood or stinky trash external to your vehicle. Unique roll base design means you don’t have to lift anything out. Simply unroll and let gravity do the rest. At 72L volume, you can certainly fit a lot of trash.

One of the key features of our TB-1 Spare Tyre Bag is the big roll top. It opens up wide for easy access, rolls down or flaps down small. When closed, the bag has a volume of 72L, however can extend the roll top opening to allow you to carry bigger items as needed. For the quick pit stop where you don’t want to open the bag up, simply use the external mesh pocket for easy storage.

Internally there are dual loops for hanging plastic bin bag liners. This is a handy way of finding the opening to your plastic bin bag liner using karabiners. You can use one for recyclables, and one for trash helping keep things sorted and organised.

The entire system is designed to interact politely with a MAXTRAX rear wheel harnesses, so you can still carry your recovery boards at the same time. TB-1 Spare Tyre Bag securely over the top, and with a single buckle clip can flip out of the way to easily access your MAXTRAX. Or undo both buckles to remove the bag completely.