Stray Systems Jerry Can Bag


Most touring set ups have either a Spare Tyre or a Jerry Can on the back. Spare Tyre Bags are a dime a dozen, but Jerry Can bags? Well they don’t exist… until now.
J1-A Jerry Can Bag utilises your Jerry Can, creating extra storage external to your vehicle.

Ideal for carrying stinky trash or wet and dirty gear, the J1-A securely attaches to all Jerry Cans making use of normally wasted space. Extensively tested in the brutal Australian outback for over 12 months, we are confident in this systems simplicity and longevity. Smaller than our TB-1 Spare Tyre Bag, it comes in at 25L of volume, which is 25% more capacity than the jerry can it attaches to.

The design features a roll top opening allowing for wide easy access, which also rolls or flaps down small to secure. External mesh pockets are useful for storing a roll of plastic bin bag liners, small trash from a quick pit stop, or other items such as occy straps or tie downs.

Internally there are two loops for hanging plastic bin bag liners. This is a handy way of finding the opening to your plastic bin bag liner using karabiners. You can use one for recyclables, and one for trash helping keep things sorted and organised.