Stray Systems Fishing Pouch Packed and Ready to GO!


Having easy to access gear on you at all times is critical when you are constantly moving and working a remote billabong or river system. In the heat of the moment, the last thing you need is to forget which bank you left your gear.

Our PF1 Fishing Pouch is designed primarily for those who like to travel light with the ability to move easily around a hard to access billabong. Backpacks are cumbersome and contain way more than you need; tackle boxes are bulky and require hand holding which is less than ideal when you are pushing through pandanus peppered with green ants.

Sized to hold all your critical items; lures, hooks & sinkers, leader, knife, pliers, line trimmers and lip grippers, PF1 measures 130mm x 190mm x 80mm. Featuring a comfortable wide 50mm belt, the pouch is worn on your hip for easy access, leaving your hands free to manoeuvre around obstacles or really work a rod.

Included with every pouch are two high quality Australian Made Campaign Certified Fischer Plastics tackle boxes. These are critical for organising your lures or hooks and other dead bait components.

Four slip pockets surround the YKK zip, measuring 30mm wide by 120mm deep. These fit line trimmers, pliers and other narrow long objects, complete with retaining straps to secure everything down while on the move. Your knife slips onto the PF1 belt, while lip grippers attach to the webbing retaining straps. You can wriggle past pandanus and scramble over fallen logs comfortable in knowing your gear is going to remain secure and ready for use when you need.

Although designed for working land based fishing areas, PF1 also works well for boat use ensuring everything is within easy reach. No more trying to remember where your lip grippers are; they are on your hip, and they are ready to go. Don’t ask how we know, but if you remove both Fischer tackle boxes, the PF1 can fit a GME EPIRB, on you in case your boat goes down.

Includes 2x Fischer Plastics tackle boxes (5x compartment version)
*lures and other contents NOT included