Toyota Landcruiser 70 series dash pouch


PA5 Dash Pouch is designed for quick, easy access and secure storage of your items.

Able to be stashed on your front dash, plonked in your drawer or box system, or strapped to your cargo barrier. Make use of wasted, unused space and create modular easy to access storage. Using our entire Dash Pouch range you can mix and match sizes, creating storage across the entire length of dash.

Ideal for use with a dash mat, the hook backed pouch stays secure across rough terrain.

A5 in size, featuring smooth YKK zippered opening. Single internal pocket for organisation. Loop on front for contents labelling. Hook backed to hold onto your dash mat, along with four tabs front and back for zip ties or bungee cords. Using the hook / loop combination, multiple pouches can be stacked for in drawer use, or zip tied together for extra security.

PA5 Dash Pouch Dimensions: 230mm x 160mm x 80mm

Please, DO NOT put any pouch over ABS Airbags; always ensure this space is clear.