Akela World Route 66



Well, who are you?
You travel to remote places. You thrive in it. You are proud of your self sufficiency, skills and abilities to adapt and overcome barriers getting you there. You also hunt or fish, enjoying the connection to nature and providing for your family. You know time is finite, so you cherish every second of the journey. You love salt air hitting your face; the feel of bulldust coating your feet; the smell of fresh rain caressing a parched country; and the sight of rich blues, reds and greens from the heart of the land. You are a keen explorer of your own country with the limited time you have available.

So that’s where we come in…

We make premium systems and solutions to help you with this passion. We are family oriented, explorers, designers and dreamers, hunters, and fishers. We look at vague dirt tracks and wonder what is down the path. We love getting outdoors, the smell of a campfire, cracking a cold one and having a yarn. We are proud of providing for our families, of our skills and abilities, and strive to make no nonsense gear to support these passions.


Stray Systems is brought to you by BOGEAR PTY LTD. We have been operating since 2008, cutting our teeth on custom, Australian made backpacks. We also offer design services for other brands, so when we aren’t flat out we are either dreaming of travel, or exploring the north of Australia where we are based.

We have a small, bordering intimate, sample studio in Darwin, Northern Territory where we design, sample, test and iterate. We have enough capacity to do small batch runs, proud of our Australian manufacturing heritage. When demand outstrips supply, we connect with our manufacturing partners – both international and domestic – nurtured through years of working relations. We trust these manufacturing partners, and together this ensures we can manufacture local to demand.